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Technology & Hosting Strategy

Creating a website involves many elements; visual design, hosting, content management system (cms), navigation/architecture, content, marketing requirements, interactivity, document libraries, and possibly a blog. Of course if you are part of a large corporation, there will be legal, governance, I/T, communications, sustainability, HR/recruitment, and Investor Relations wanting their input.

That’s a lot of personalities, legalities, and content to filter through and organize. Sometimes having a third-party to orchestrate that helps to keep things focused, brings a different perspective, and ensures success for everyone.

What might each of these groups want from you?

  • I/T – hosting location, server design, SAN, Fibre Channel, security, pen-tests, domain planning, sub-domains, antivirus software, backups, dedicated IP,

Most websites go live based on a design and navigation architecture that was thought out months before.