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Ideas are meant to be shared.

  • February 20, 2012
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I love this product!

I can’t wait to have a home office where I can paint all four walls with Idea Paint
Imagine ideas, thoughts, drawings, siteplans, and more all randomly written on your walls!

Ideas grow when shared.
Dry-erase walls should be everywhere at work.
Scrap the fabric covered gak that covers office walls and cubicles now.

Think of the knowledge sharing. The ideas that could grow beyond what you initially put up on the wall.
Imagine how narrow your focus and solution if you only lived in your own head?!
If you are afraid to share your idea for fear of someone stealing your thought or idea, then you are not a leader (nor a thought leader).

Wouldn’t you rather see a huge success for all vs a small success for yourself?
Eliminate the ego and paint your walls. Share your ideas with everyone and watch your world transform.

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